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About MSF

Mutual Superannuation Fund Ltd (MSF) has been helping its contributors grow their money for over 43 years.

Mutual Superannuation Fund (MSF) is a registered superannuation scheme principally for the purposes of retirement.  Therefore there are restrictions as to when you may withdraw your investment.  For more information please see our Investment Statement. MSF is a Portfolio Investment Entity (PIE).

Our aim since inception has been for contributors to retire with savings which have kept pace with or exceeded inflation.

MSF is a defined contribution superannuation scheme and under the scheme, contributions are made by scheme members. It is the umbrella Trustee for two strong performing funds.

In 1969 the founding directors of MSF recognised a business opportunity in commercial and industrial property. They realised that investing in commercial and industrial property was an effective way of growing money rather than leaving it in the bank. The founders started with precisely nothing. With little in the way of advertising; awareness of the fund was by spread by ‘word of mouth' – growth was steady.

Today the MSF is understandably a different entity. It has withstood two major economic downturns and continues to assist its contributors prepare for the future.

MSF is managed, administered and promoted by MSF and offers its contributors flexibility, low fees and freedom:


  • Our schemes can be administered through employer's payroll with no disruption in membership when employment is changed.
  • We offer the option to invest as little as $10.00 per week.


No entry or exit fees and no administrative fees charged to individual accounts.


  • Freedom to suspend payments and take an ‘investment holiday'.
  • When returns are paid out they can be either taken as a lump sum; or can be reinvested for a further term, or a mix of both options.
  • There is no age or employment restrictions.

Our goals and objectives:

  • To provide retirement income to safeguard contributors' future.
  • To ensure compulsory savings.
  • To encourage long term commitment.
  • To continue a secure investment policy with maximum returns and minimised risk.
  • For contributors to retire with savings which have kept pace with, or exceeded inflation.

Our values

  • Duty of care and accountability.
  • Respect for all contributors and their monies invested with us.
  • Open, honest two way communication.
  • Foremost - wealth protection first - growth second

Our culture

The fund promotes a culture which engenders an ethos of:

  • Personal trust and responsibility.
  • Ethical and responsible behaviour and decision making.
  • Professionalism.

© MSF.

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