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Mutual Superannuation Fund is a registered superannuation scheme principally for the purposes of retirement, thus there are restrictions on when you may withdraw your money.  All investments however carry risk and we strongly advise you view our current Investment Statement which you can download from this website.

By investing in Mutual Superannuation Fund members gain exposure to commercial and industrial property.

The comments listed below are the comments made by our members when asked to give a testimonial on the Fund from their own perspective.  

In March 2010 we surveyed 100 contributors who invest in the MSF Property Fund. Some have been with us since the fund was first started Ė others have joined more recently. These contributors generously gave us feedback on how the fund was working for them. They have also kindly allowed us to share their feedback with potential new contributors.

"I recommend The MSF Property Fund because they treat my investment well and donít take risks with my hard earned money. They make sure it is invested and managed very carefully. Keep up the good work. I will be 81 next month and Iím happy to leave cash in my MSF Property Fund account."
- Bill Rogers

"Iíve been with MSF for around 12 years. I wanted an investment where I could sleep well at night because my investment was in real bricks and mortar and it was well managed by conservative professionals. I loved the great track record that MSF has had over a very long period of time. MSF are very careful with what they spend money on. This gives me great peace of mind."
- Robert Coutts

"My father recommended MSF to me as an investment and Iíve been with MSF for around 20 years. My goals in investing were to gain a reasonable rate of return in a fund which is well managed, and also to create a nest egg for retirement and childrenís tertiary fees. As a result of investing with MSF I now have a reasonably good nest egg even though I havenít put that much money in over the years. I have invested money on behalf of my children too because MSF is such a solid fund. I recommend MSF highly. They are not showy or brash but have returns over the years which speak for themselves. I had very few doubts about MSF as their properties all looked to be a sensible purchase and the fund was conservatively run. The returns last year were a bit disappointing but compared with most NZ investments was still quite good. The MSF Property Fund is also honestly and ethically run. I like the way that MSF has a large amount of cash assets on hand to easily handle any clients who want to redeem their investment."
- Margaret Tibbles

"MSF are upfront with honest advice and have no hidden fees. They also have good communication with their investors. Despite losing money in other investments my MSF Property Fund has been increasing. I recommend MSF because of their old fashioned investment values. They stick to the basic principles of investing and keep it simple."
- Garry Jackson

"I had already had the experience of losing hard earned money in an investment scam so I was very wary. I read the MSF investment statement very carefully. The investment statement and trust deed indicated the ways that MSF operates. This seemed cautious and professional. I like the type of commercial property that MSF owns. This appeals to a wide range of potential tenants and is also relatively easy to sell if needed. Iíve now got a nest egg and I havenít missed at all the money I have been investing. It came out by automatic payment and was very painless. My investment in MSF has been safe through both good and bad times. It has also done remarkably well while I lost money in other areas. I appreciated the fact that the investment is tax paid. I see MSF as an option for diversifying my assets into commercial property. This is an area I couldnít afford to get into on my own."
- C Malthus

"Iíve been with MSF for around 30 years. For me it was a form of compulsory savings. After my husband died in 1984 I continued to make lump sum payments until I ceased working. As your savings grow this did not affect your tax as MSF took care of this for you. I recommend MSF because it is a very personal organisation. They always answer my questions and explain carefully what they are doing with my money. I trust them a lot. MSF is a great way of saving."
- Joan McGregor

"Iíve been with the MSF Property Fund for around 20 years. I recommend MSF because it is a chance to invest in the Auckland property market with larger buildings that are mortgage free. These historically have had a very good return. You also donít have the risk associated with smaller buildings, fluctuating interest rates and the type of tenants associated with smaller buildings."
- Andrew Christie

"Iíve been with MSF for around 11 years. I wanted to create a nest egg that was safe and yet still grew my money far more effectively than just leaving it in the bank. With MSF my money was backed by good security and capable management. It was not high risk. MSF are a trusted organisation. I like the way that MSF has no debt and also has a large amount of cash assets on hand. So they can easily handle any clients who wish to redeem their investment. One of the benefits of MSF is that it is regular, effortless saving. I recommend MSF because they treat my investment well and make sure it is invested and managed very carefully."
- Poul Jorgensen

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